About the Klein Tools Loyalty Rewards Program

Program Overview

  • Effective 12:00am on February 1st, 2017, the Loyalty Rewards program will end the receipt upload method to acquire points. Instead, we will be offering other ways to earn points through Klein Tradesman Club.
  • After February 1st, 2017, points will be acquired through a number of methods, identified below.
  • A maximum of 2,500 points may be redeemed each month.
  • This offer is valid for US customers only.
  • This offer is not available to distributors, Klein Tools employees or Klein Tools Shareholders.
  • This program may be terminated at any time.
  • Points may be removed at any time if Klein Tools determines that invalid points are being obtained.
  • Complete Terms and Conditions

How to earn points

  • Loyalty Rewards points can be earned through the following methods:
    • Participation in Klein Tools promotions
    • Paying attention to special offers through Klein Tradesman Club Newsletters
    • Stay tuned for more to come!

Why can I no longer acquire points from Klein Tools purchases?

  • The receipt processing has ended as part of our evolution to provide Tradesman Club members with a better user experience. A necessary step was to cut out the cumbersome process associated with scanning and validating receipts.

Will my existing points expire?

  • Any points acquired and validated through receipt scanning prior to February 1st, 2017 will be applied to your account.
  • When you redeem your points, the points are used on a first-in, first-out basis and they will expire after 36 months. This means that points will expire 36 months after they were accrued if they are not used up before then or when the Loyalty Rewards program ends.

When will the Loyalty Rewards program end?

  • There are no plans to end the program. In fact, we are continually expanding the program.

How to check status of a redemption order

  • Order tracking is available on your My Loyalty Rewards page. Once points are redeemed and an order is successfully placed, a link to the order will show up in your "Points History" section.
  • You may also view the status of your order by clicking on the link from the email notification that was received when the order was placed.
  • You will receive an email when the order is placed and also when the order has shipped. Once the order has shipped, tracking information will be available. If you have an questions regarding the order, please contact Klein Tradesman Club Customer Service

Who should I contact?