Klein Tools Sticker Giveaway

Klein Tools Sticker Giveaway

Calling all Klein Tools fans!

Get this limited edition sticker FREE before it's gone. Previous stickers have been snapped up at record paces, so log into your Tradesman Club account or Sign Up NOW to receive your FREE limited edition Klein Tools sticker. One (1) sticker per customer, per month. 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Must complete all steps:

  1. Be a registered Klein Tradesman Club member
  2. Click on the check box to opt-in to the offer and hit save (new users registering from the link on this page will be automatically opted-in after verifying their email address)

There are limited amounts each period, so you must opt-in to the active period's offer for each period. Promotional offer valid only in United States and Canada while supplies last.

January January Status sold_out
January Sticker
February February Status sold_out
February Sticker
March March Status sold_out
March Sticker
April April Status sold_out
April Sticker
May May Status sold_out
May Sticker
June June Status sold_out
June Sticker
July July  Status sold_out
July  Sticker
August August Status sold_out
August Sticker
September September Status sold_out
September Sticker
October October Status sold_out
October Sticker
November November Status sold_out
November Sticker
December December Status sold_out
December Sticker